This website Sjoa Drenthe aims to give insight in the fate and the mutual family relations of the Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe during the Second World War when the crazy storm of the Sjoa raged through Europa.

Character of this website
Indeed, already at many places data can be found for who wants to know more about this. But up till now an information platform was lacking, that with the specific focus of the province of Drenthe aims to provide an as complete as possible picture of the persons, who then lived with us in the streets of our villages and cities on the basis of their last known living addresses, their family information and experiences and also with references to other websites and literature.

Expanding this initiative together

To start with we composed from existing sources a total overview of the Jewish war victims in the province of Drenthe (with amongst others their last known living address). In order to find individual persons quicker in this document of 178 pages there is an alphabetical Persons register of the 1,444 Jewish inhabitants in Drente with the page and town, where they are mentioned.
When the project Sjoa Drenthe was launched this basic material together with other information on the project has been published a the bookDe Drentse Sjoa, Joodse oorlogsslachtoffers in de provincie Drenthe”. It can be ordered at the webshop of for the price of € 17,50, incl VAT and excl cost of mail delivery.

We hope that this material will be expanded in the years to come by volunteers involved in the project and visitors of this site. We then think of new personal data, stories, pictures and references to other sites with genealogies of Jewish families or other interesting material.

In particular we are interested in the family relations among the Jewish war victims. The genealogy can help us here very much. More information on this genealogical material can be found under the caption "What stands where on this website".

As we grow older these occurrences become more and more history, it transforms to something which once happened outside our experience…… unless it remains with you due to personal memories nearby or in your direct family.
Living consciously and knowledge of our history determine your identity. And our identity determines our motives, why we do the things we do, how we interact with each other. Also in our present society with ever more people with a different “national history” than ours of the past centuries.
Why could people then do such things to each other, letting this happen? And why were there then people who didn't accept it, that people could nowhere go anymore?
Because of that it still remains important today, that this bizarre period continues to live on based on concrete memories and does not fade away as "something which happened long time ago".

What stands where on this website
After you landed at the Homepage of this website all further information on this website is accessible via the menu bar, which actually contains 2 menu's in it, namely:

Sjoa Drenthe                  Description of the history Jewish communities in Drenthe and the traces of the former Jewish inhabitants at the time of the Sjoa.
Project info Who are involved in this project in which roles(core team, volunteers, other involved parties) and in which activities.
Focus Explanation of data, definitions and sources, starting points, war victims and survivors, mutual family relations, the addition of content/pictures
More info Several pages with other interesting sources (e.g. genealogies at family websites, literature, other websites concerning this subject, stories, etc.)
Persons •    Explanation of search- and presentation possibilities of HuMo-gen
      (o.a. individuele personen, families, laatst bekende woonplaats)
•    and direct access to the persons database and the HuMo-gen presentation menu
•    In addition to that the alphabetical Persons register of the 1,444  Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe of the "Total overview Jewish War victims 1940 - 1945"
Contact A contact form for questions, remarks, provision of data or corrections, applying for the Newsletter, etc. or directly at redactie(at)

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