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On Wednesday October 18, 2017 28 stumbling stones will be placed in the Kanaal- en Vaartbuurt in Assen.

Before placing those stones a meeting will be held in de auditorium of Hogeschool Stenden, Zeemanstraat 1 in Assen.
After that meeting we will walk to the first address, where the stumbling stones will be inaugurated.
The meeting starts on 13:00 o'clock with access some time before.

Under think the invitation with further information is to be found.

After seeing that our website is visited from all parts of the world (USA, Australia, Israel, Ireland, Germany, England, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, South America, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, and Poland to name some) we felt a bit ashamed that only the HuMo-gen persons search part is available in many languages, but the other pages of the website only in Dutch.

So we started also to translate the other webpages, and today - by the end of June 2017 - we launch also an English version of this website to serve our visitors from abroad.

That is to say, just the webpages under the buttons of the menu bar, but not (yet) the stories under that particular menu button. Partly, because not all of these stories are suitable to translate, and moreover, we need more time to also add translations for those stories. In due time, however, we hope to mae progress there too. Down the pages, to the right you see the Language Switcher, where you may choose for the one or the other version by clicking on the Dutch or the English flag.

That is to say, just the webpages under the buttons of the menu bar, but not (yet) the stories under that menu button. Partly, because not all of these are suitable to translate, and moreover, we need more time to also add also translations for those stories. In due time, however, we hope to make progress there too.

In the slideshow on the Homepage of our website the below picture of a star of David was included (with permission by the source from where we got it by the way). We replaced it, however, by another picture when an organisation "Permission Machine" from Belgium (how could you imagine such name) claimed on behalf of the ANP (General Netherlands Press Agency), that we owed them € 185,50 for licence registration for it.

Our project doesn't even have a bank account, since we pay all costs ourselves. I then immediately replaced that picture by a message explaining that the ANP claims such an amount. I let the ANP know our amazement about such claim for a picture with a public character like that on this subject with the annotation that it made me recall how the Municipality of Amsterdam treated the returned survivors from the concentration camps with a bill for "overdue" Real Estate Tax. They recently apologised for that by the way. We are looking forward to the ANP's reaction.

On our request at Herinnerings Centrum Westerbork to help us with replacing footage we received a sober picture of a real used star of David, which I could combine with a "licence free" picture of Uncle Simon van Hasselt of our Winnie van Hasselt with his little daughter/her niece Fietje at the Vismarkt of Groningen, just a father walking there with his daughter, both with such a star.

That is the background of this adjustment in the pictures of the slideshow, for which we like to thank C
amp Westerbork for their immediate assistance

The ANP reacted with apologises, that this never should have happened and that they meanwhile also had informed that claim organisation never to ask us for a license fee for this picture. The ANP had contracted this organisation in order to check whether all their pictures were illegally used whithout having realised this type of situations. We definitely have their permission to use the photograph concerned, even though we found meanwhile another solution.


Up till now you could choose from the following 3 trees/databases when searching for persons, namely:
1. the main database 'MISJPOGE-DRENTHE'
2. the database 'Zaligman-Dwinger', and
3. the database 'COHEN'

After a long process of combining and removing doubles finally the first two trees were combined, which means that in the future the choice still only concerns:
- the main database 'MISJPOGE-DRENTHE', and
- the separate database for 'COHEN'

After the recent publicity concerning the wedding movie of Mimi Dwinger and Barend Boers that was discovered in a suitcase at an attic in Leeuwarden this story was added to the series of stories on this site.

We asked your cooperation to vote for our website , which was launched on internet by the end of Aplil past year at the start of the project Sjoa Drenthe and since then attracted many visitors from The Netherlands and abroad (like for instance USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Poland, Ukraïne, Israël, Australia, Indonesia, South America, etc).

So, what happened?
In the framework of the biennial History Online Award we also applied with our website as one of the 163 applications (see the overview on
That award for "the most innovative, startling or most beautiful Dutch historical website or app" was created "in order to promote and award online history". More information can be found at that website.

The jury of the History Online Award was chaired by the historian Ad van Liempt. They first nominated 20 out of all 163 applications, from which they eventually selected the 3 winners for the Jury Award.
The jury not only looked at the operational quality, but also at surprising and inherent creative ideas.

In addition to that there was the History Online Public Award which is concerned here.
To that end you could vote from January 9 to February 9 2017 for the historical website or app you most liked.

The final outcome
First of all we thank everyone, who voted for our website for theis support. Even though we didn't win any one of both awards, it has anyway contributed to the acquaintance of the project Sjoa Drenthe.

The Jury Award went to Odilia's dagboek, the website, which reached the 24st position in terms of number of votes.
The 2nd and 3rd award of the jury were respectively for Wat staat daar | Online oefentool voor het lezen van oude handschriften and Monumenten spreken, a website that just like ours aims to give regional insight in war victims, in this case for the Zaan region.
At the presentation of the awards I also had contact with the people behind 'Monumenten spreken', because they also aimed for a regional approach, an exeption among the many websites, paying attention to war victims. Within that same context also Joods Monument Zaanstreek needs to be mentioned. 
See also an extensive coverage of the awards presentation on February 16th, 2017 in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague.

The Public Award went with 2.189 votes to Oud Winterswijk, while our website reached the 23st position
with your 231 votes.
See the ranking of all websites in the overall ranking of all votes.

Apart from your contribution to the acuaintance we were quite impressed by the many praising reactions of the voters. Here an overview of those (unfortunately Dutch) reactions.

Start of the project on April 25, 2016 with presenting the book "De Drentse Sjoa, Joodse oorlogsslachtoffers in de Provincie Drenthe" by Winnie van Hasselt to the Commissaris van de Koning in Drenthe, mr Jacques Tichelaar. At the background Jan Ridderbos.

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