In the slideshow on the Homepage of our website the below picture of a star of David was included (with permission by the source from where we got it by the way). We replaced it, however, by another picture when an organisation "Permission Machine" from Belgium (how could you imagine such name) claimed on behalf of the ANP (General Netherlands Press Agency), that we owed them € 185,50 for licence registration for it.

Our project doesn't even have a bank account, since we pay all costs ourselves. I then immediately replaced that picture by a message explaining that the ANP claims such an amount. I let the ANP know our amazement about such claim for a picture with a public character like that on this subject with the annotation that it made me recall how the Municipality of Amsterdam treated the returned survivors from the concentration camps with a bill for "overdue" Real Estate Tax. They recently apologised for that by the way. We are looking forward to the ANP's reaction.

On our request at Herinnerings Centrum Westerbork to help us with replacing footage we received a sober picture of a real used star of David, which I could combine with a "licence free" picture of Uncle Simon van Hasselt of our Winnie van Hasselt with his little daughter/her niece Fietje at the Vismarkt of Groningen, just a father walking there with his daughter, both with such a star.

That is the background of this adjustment in the pictures of the slideshow, for which we like to thank C
amp Westerbork for their immediate assistance

The ANP reacted with apologises, that this never should have happened and that they meanwhile also had informed that claim organisation never to ask us for a license fee for this picture. The ANP had contracted this organisation in order to check whether all their pictures were illegally used whithout having realised this type of situations. We definitely have their permission to use the photograph concerned, even though we found meanwhile another solution.


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