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On this page an overview of interesting websites related to the subject of the Sjoa in Drenthe.

Digitaal Joods Monument 
Interactive, which means adding pictures, stories yourself. With filters, both for name and location (towns in Drenthe), searchable database of war victims. Provides local overviews with addresses and residents, which provide the basis for our overview per town in Drenthe. 
Was an initiative of fondly remembered academic Isaac (Ies) Lipschits [1930-2008] and came in 2005 online. Was made possible by a contribution of the Verbond van Verzekeraars. The Community Joods Monument started in 2010 and is funded by Stichting Collectieve Maror-gelden Nederland and by the program 'Active European Remembrance' of the European Union.
Akevoth With various databases and groupings (different versions Northern database, families, regional projects, etc). Run by volunteers from Israël, NL, UK and USA. Both war victims and ancestors as strictly regulated family trees, with also regional bundles, but not yet Drenthe. Development and maintenance of the website by volunteers with financial support by "SCMI- Collectieve Maror Gelden Israël" and small donations.
 Genealogies in humo-gen software.
Nederlandse Kring voor Joodse Genealogie The association has as objective the promotion of genealogical research of Jewish Joodse families in The Netherlands, their ancestors abroad and know how development, in the framework of genealogical research, concerning the position of Jews in the Dutch society throughout the years.
 Yad Vashem The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names (or Names Database) is a unique international endeavor initiated and led by Yad Vashem. Its primary aim is to recover the names and reconstruct the life stories of each individual Jew murdered in the Shoah. To date (beginning of 2014) an estimated 4.5 million murdered Jews have been commemorated. It is our moral duty to respect their last behest and remember them.

The Wikipedia lijst van Stolpersteine in The Netherlands gives an overview of the Dutch municipalities where the German sculptor-artist Gunter Demnig has placed memorial stones since 2007 in the framework of his campaign.
A.o. Towns in Drenthe where stepping stones are placed are: Assen, Midden Drenthe (Beilen, Drijber, Smilde, Westerbork), Borger-Valthermond-Odoorn, Coevorden, Emmen (Roswinkel, Nieuw-Amsterdam, Veenoord, Emmer-Compascuum), Hoogeveen, Meppel, Roden, Tynaarlo/Zuidlaren.

Various links to these towns in this Overzicht Stolpersteine Drenthe.


The Netherlands Institute for War Documentation is a knowledge- and information center on war, Holocaust and genocide. The institute is part of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW).

Camp Westerbork The general website of Camp Westerbork on the museum exhibitions and all activities and the website on Geheugen van Drenthe. en
Drenthe during the war - RTV Drenthe The Camp Westerbork, the many NSB’ers and Jewish working camps, airports in Havelte, Peest and Eelde, hundreds of 'onderduikers', infamous war criminals, a national symbol with resistance man Johannes Post, the robbery on the Huis van Bewaring in Assen, the construction of a useless German defense line across Drenthe, the remarkable air landing operation Amherst, th arrival of French, Belgian, Canadian, English and Polish liberators: they belong to the war details in Drente which are assembled on this website in coopertion with RTV Drenthe.
List of Jewish cemetaries in Drenthe Wikipedia provides an overview of all Jewish cemetaries in Drenthe.
Jewish Cemetary Assen

The Jewish Cemetary in Assen has two functions. Firstly, it is the place where now for already more than 200 years members of the Jewish community are buried. Secondly, it is the place where the Jewish inhabitants of Assen, who were murdered during the Second World War in the extermination camps, are remembered. This concerns too the Jews who passed away in Camp Westerbork and were buried here: the majority of them did not get an own gravestone and therefore a monument has been erected on which their names can be read. This website provides information about many people, who were buried here before 1940. In addition to that it is a Digital Monument for Jewish war victims.

Jewish monument Meppel The Digital Jewish Monument Meppel is since April 29, 2004 active with as objective: ‘giving a face’ to the Jews from Meppel murdered during the Second World War. That was done with as many as possible pictures and other information material. The initiators of this site receive frequently new pictures, stories, additions and corrections,meanwhile reulting in an interactive digital memorial, that can be visited worldwide.
Jewish history of Smilde Dirk Huizinga made a nice website on the Jewish history of Smilde.
Synagoge of Zuidlaren /
Progressief Joodse Gemeente Noord Nederland - Beth haTsafon
The Synagogue of Zuidlaren is in use again as Synagogue since 2007 after a thorough restauration. She is now owned by the Foundation Oude Drentse Kerken and is managed by the Vereniging Behoud Synagoge Zuidlaren. The Progressief Joodse Gemeente Noord Nederland (de PJG NN) consists of a small dedicated and enthousiast group of Jews from Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland who have their shared Home in the Sjoeltje van Zuidlaren in Drenthe.
Once per three weeks there is a Friday evening srevice or  Sjabbat morning service. The Jewish holidays are celebrated with attention for all moments of the Jewish life cycle and small learning meetings are held in sjoel or at someone's home.
Progressive Judaïsm wishes to offer a home to:
Jews with affinity with progressive Judaïsm, Jews in mixed marriages, people with a Jewish father, Israeli, young and old.
Mail or call and touch the pictures spread over the site of this Kehilla.
Foundation Emmer Sjoel Sjemmesj The previous synagogue in Emmen is owned and maintained by the Municipality of Gemeente Emmen.
It is the only authentic orthodox synagogue in Drenthe.
The Foundation Emmer Sjoel Sjemmesj is established in order to revive the beautifully restaurayed synagogue.
With our activities we also want to continuously ask for attention for the Holocaust, especially for what that has meant for the Jewish inhabitants of Emmen and environment. We also provide information on the Jewish religion and culture.
Foundation Synagogue Coevorden Foundation Synagogue Coevorden is together with the municipality of Coevorden and Foundation Drents Monument quite busy to maintain the previous Synagogue and the Rabbi house for the coming generation. It should become a memorial center for information and remembering the Jewish life during the 255 they lived in Coevorden, the surrounding villages and the German border land. Apart from various celebrations and music performances also a documentation department will be established concerning the history of the deported and not returned families and other Jewish fellow citizens from Coevorden and adjacent places.
Introduction Hebrew Terms and Abbreviations and Dutch translation For who wants to know more about the text structure, Hebrew phrases and terms and often used abbreviatons on Jewish grave stones the website offers much information andespecially the button 'Inleiding Hebreeuwse Termen en Afkortingen en Nederlandse vertaling'

Survivors of the Shoah
The USC Shoah Foundation was established after Spielberg's movie 'Schindler's List' in order to remember the gruesome events of various genocides by means of interviews with survivors. This video gives some more background information about this organisation. Access to the interviews in the Visual History Archive online is possible after (free) registration with a username and password. After that you can look at the interviews in the archive, which you can select via various search options (like persons name, location, etc.).
You get access to the archive via
Traces of War

Traces of War offers information from WO-II for various countries, incl The Netherlands. Via the button "Zoeken" various (Jewish) war monument in several towns can be searched.

Overview NGV Jewish genealogical sources

There are many genealogical and historical sources and databases online at disposal of Jewish ancestors. Most of these Jewish genealogical databases are even accessible for free! For those not familiar with Jewish genealogy a number of sources is offered here.

Overvies war victims Dinkelland Even though it doesn't concern particularly Jewish war victims, it is a more or less similar initiative like ours, namely also providin insight in war victims on a regional basis, in this case in Dinkelland.
Oorlogsvermisten Website with overview of many categories (especially Jewish) war victims in The Netherlands and the Colonies, but also an overview of the later 'Watersnood'.
Humo-gen software Genealogy program developed by Huub Mons since December 1999 (first in Quick Basic, and Delphi) and since July 2005 available as opensource PHP version. Since then several users are helping in the development of HuMo-gen!
 HuMo-gen (Huub Mons) was initially meant as helping tool for HaZa-data (Hans van der Zanden) to publish HaZa-data in a proper way at the internet.







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