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Overview of websites with genealogical data of Jewish families.

Family trees of Jewish families - Max van Dam

Genealogical data of more than 106,000 persons and more than 35 family trees of Dutch Jewish families, collected by Bertha and Max van Dam.

Genealogy website of Yossi Beck Website (NL / Eng) with more than 10,000 persons and historical overview of Jews The Nederlands.
The Hiegentlich Family Tree A visitor referred to this interesting website: "Jeff Marx is a family historian. He has published on the Hiegentlich family tree. The Zeehandelaars are descendants of the Hiegentlichs. It's an amazingly comprehensive database of people and connections. He is also a very nice man, a Rabbi, based in California who is very happy to help with genealogical questions."
Akevoth The Akevoth website contains many family trees in both html and php versions as well. Voor de php versies wordt ook gebruik gemaakt van HuMo-gen. (php) en  (html)











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