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Searching for persons in the main database
All persons data are included in a central database, which at the start of the project was filled with more than 70.000 personen, incl the 1,444 Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe in the basis material collected during the preparatory phase.

That is further expanded since then with material provided to the Redaction by volunteers and other interested persons.

For the presentation of those data in various presentation formats we use the program HuMo-gen (developed by Huub Mons and Yossi Beck), which generates online and on your own choice various presentation formats, after you selected for instance a certain person, family name, town or else.

The page <Explanation use HuMo-gen> explains how to use the various possibilities of the HuMo-gen program, while the sub-menu button <HuMo-gen Persons database> gives acces to the menu of the HuMo-gen program itselfand the various search options in the persons database.

Finding persons in the "Total overview Jewish War victims 1940 - 1945"
In addition to the HuMo-gen option there is an alphabetical Persons register with all 1,444 persons names of the "Total overview Jewish War victims 1940 - 1945", in which for all of them the last known living address is mentioned in the various towns in Drenthe and the page where they are mentioned to find them back easier in the more than 160 pages of that document.

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