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Select first a family tree in the upperleft opening screen
The main database 'MISJPOGE-DRENTHE' contains more than 73,000 persons.


Searching by Family Name

For searching by Family Name HuMo-gen has several options:
Click under <Family Tree> on <Names> or click under <Family Tree> under <Family tree index> and select then the appropriate letter in the <Names> table:

And click then the found family name and select the particular person(s).

Searching for Individual persons
Click for searching for a particular person under <Family tree> on <Individuals>:

 And type then in the search box above the name of the individual concerned and click on <search>.


The expanded search screen for individual persons
When <Individuals> under <Family Tree> is selected and subsequently <Advanced search> then a larger search screen will emerge with more options to focus the search action more through one or more search terms:

GeographicalSearchSearching geographically
You can search geographically in two ways.
In the first place the Alphabetical Persons Register of the Total Overview 'De Drentse Sjoa, Joodse oorlogsslachtoffers in Drenthe' gives for all 1,444 persons a code with page number and town of the last known living address
in Drente (see under 'Persoonsregister 1,444 inwoners').

The second way is by clicking in HuMo-gen under <Family tree> either on <Places (by Persons)> or on <Places (by Families)>. In the screen which is shown then there are different options to be marked like on places of birth, "baptism", residence, death or burial.

Selecting a presentation format from various options
To the left of each person a small icon is shown:  mannetjesicoon   or  vrouwtjesicoon
After clicking on this a pop-up menu emerges for the different presentation formats than can be selected for each person. A choice is possible between textual and graphical presentation formats.

           PopupmenuWoman           PopupmanuMan

For war victims there is no Descendant Report/Chart, because there are no descendants, but only ancestors, who can be presented in the form of an Ancestor Report/Chart.

The Hourglass Chart presents in graphical form both ancestors and descendants as well.

In the Outline Report the number of generations to be presented can be set, and also the portrait or landscape presentation form of a pdf download.

The DNA charts present which persons have the same Y-DNA or mtDNA profile.

In the Timeline various events in different flows of time periods can be shown for a number of environments to be selected.

Help and HuMo-gen wiki
Under the Help button the meaning of the different icons and terms is explained.
For those who feel the need for more information on the use of HuMo-gen the wiki: or other information on the HuMo-gen program may be of use.


Adding content
Visitors are encouraged to add or correct data in the database with own information.
You may provide that material by e-mail aanleveren to the redaction at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The redaction and/or volunteers judge, elaborate and publish it, while in some situations still some more explanation or consultation maybe needed.  
Some volunteers may get editors rights, so that they can add or adjust material on the website by themselves. This procedure has been chosen in order to avoid, that the database maybe polluted or damaged by “clowns”, who might try to add nonsense.


Applying for the Newsletter
The project may distribute Newslatters on a limited scale about certain developments. When you are interested to receive that kind of news, you can apply by sending your e-mail address to be added to the mailinglist by means of the Contact form.

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