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The Total overview Jewish War victims 1940 - 1945 with the 1,444 Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe consists of more than 160 pages.
In order to find certain individual persons or their families there is an alphabetical Persons register, in which they can be found by mentioning their last known living addresses in the various towns in Drenthe and on which page.

name (standard) man
naam (italic) woman
(year)+ on “deportation list”, but no war victim
(year)- not on “deportation list”, but war victim

- Asn 
 Assen   - Dwg 
 Dwingeloo   - Mpl  
  - Rnn  
  - Zwl  
- Bln  Beilen   - E-P  Eelde-Paterswolde   - Mpn  Meppen   - Sln  Sleen      
- Brg  Borger   - Emn  Emmen   - Odn  Odoorn   - Smd  Smilde      
- Cvd  Coevorden      
  - Gtn  Gieten   - Rdn  Roden   - Wyk  de Wijk      
- Dln  Dalen   - Hgv  Hoogeveen   - Rld  Rolde   - Zln  Zuidlaren      


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