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How it started
In 2012 and 2013 Jan Ridderbos published genealogies based on the Jewish Cemetry in Assen.
That materiaal was then published at the website of the Drentse Historische Vereniging  with as first document "Genealogieën Joodse Assenaren" and after that a follow-up document.
After that still a book was published in cooperation with the Drents Archief.


Core team
At that time the idea already developed to do something similar for the whole province of Drenthe. In 2015 we started to elaborate that idea into a possible project. Those “we” initially comprised the core team, later on completed with Yossi Beck for IT support and Alexandra In 't Hout for secretarial support:

.    Jan Ridderbos, Assen
.    Winnie van Hasselt, Zuidhorn    
.    Henk van den Beukel, Vught
.    Yossi Beck, Israël
.    Alexandra In 't Hout, Assen
  final editing persons data    
  central persons database
  IT support (incl HuMo-gen)


Prepatory phase and publis start in 2016
In a preparatory phase of several months the basic material of persons information has been collected and prepared for publication. The overview with that material on 1,444 Jewish inhabitants of the province of Drenthe with 309 family names, of whom 1,237 war victims and 205 survivors, formed the starting point for the central database at the start of this project.
After elaboration of the IT-technical aspects, developing the website, and structuring the project organisation the public operational launch took place during an official start meeting on April 25, 2016.
On that occasion the publication on the project with the basis material was presented to the Commissaris van de Koning in Drenthe mr Jacques Tichelaar. 
An Informatieblad with a brief summary of the project is available.

After this start it is the intention, that the material on the website gradually will be expanded in the coming years by volunteers and other interested persons, both with additions to the database, and with links to existing genealogical websites with Jewish genealogies, resulting in an improved insight in the Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe, who were murdered in the Holocaust and their mutual family relations, and also the survivors. Due to those family relations gradually also more relations outside Drenthe will become visible in addition to the picture of Drenthe.


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