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In the autumn edition of the magazine Waardeel (annual 36, nr. 3-2016) of the Drentse Historische Vereniging an article on the project has been published written by Winnie van Hasselt and Henk van den Beukel. Winnie wrote in particular the part on the background of names in Jewish genealogy, while Henk especially paid attention to the purpose of the project and the set up and use of the website. Its title is "Sjoa Drenthe - Project over (Drents) historisch besef, de holocaust en onze identiteit". 

During the commemoration on October 3, 2016 of the large deportation of the Jewish population of Assen on that same date in 1942 the first copy of the book "Kroniek van de Jodenvervolging te Assen" by dr Jan Ridderbos was presented to mr. Marco Out, mayor of Assen. That date coincided this year with Rosj HaSjanah, the Jewish New Year. The well visited meeting took place at the Drents Archief.
Because the first edition was completely sold out that day a 2nd edition is taken in production.  The book can be ordered by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you didn't yet order it there (Cost of mail delivery € 3.95).

Due to a technical problem unfortunately an unpleasant problem occurred in the first edition of the book Kroniek van de Jodenvervolging in Assen (which is repaired in the 2nd edition). The pages 68 and 140 remained incorrectly blanc. Due to this the numbering in the Persons register is not correct anymore.
  • When referred to page 69 and higher 1 page number should be added (70 in the Persons register is thus actually 71).
  • When referred to page 139 and higher 2 page numbers should be added (139 in the Persons register is thus actually 141).
Because of that an adjusted version of the Alfabetisch Persoonsregister has been made, that you may download and print in order to insert in the book if yoy wish.

The project officially started on April 25, 2016 in an animated and well visited meeting at Boekhandel Iwema in Assen with the presentation of the book 'De Drentse Sjoa, Joodse oorlogsslachtoffers in de provincie Drenthe' to the Commissaris van de Koning in Drenthe mr Jacques Tichelaar. That contains the during the preparatory phase collected total overview of the Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe at the beginning of the Second World War.
That materiaal is also part of the central persons database on the website Sjoa Drenthe, that publicly was launched during that meeting and will be expanded in the years ahead with material provided by volunteers and interested persons.

Ingrid Verbruggen of Boekhandel Iwema welcomed everybody, after which Jan Ridderbos in his introduction presented the project as a  'paper monument' as symbolic substitute of the empty places at the Jewish Cemetary in Assen. After him
Winnie van Hasselt emphasised the importance of mercyfulness instead of the currently rather often emphasised 'tolerance'. Tolerance didn't help the people then who did not see any way out anymore, just like the current refugees. Tolerance is not enough. Mercifulness is needed. With this story she handed over the first copy of the book to the Commissaris van de Koning mr Jacques Tichelaar, who also elaborated there on when he emphasised in his thank words the importance of passing on this message to the younger generation. According to his experiences with this kind of initiatives, also a.o. at the Herinnerings Centrum Westerbork, younger people do have interest in revivying these memories.
This was followed by a presentation of
Jan Ridderbos on the familierelaties of the Denneboom family as an example and Henk van den Beukel elaborated on the website, the set up of the project and the many presentation optins when searching in the database with the HuMo-gen program.
The meeting was concluded with small talk and drinks and the sale of the book, that can be ordered for € 17,50 (excl possible delivery costs) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

An Informatieblad is available with a brief summary of the main elements of the project.
See also the article in the Dagblad van het Noorden.
Below pictures give an impression of this start meeting.

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