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Privacy can be rather sensitive.
Since all our data originate from families themselves or from public sources, we never made a big point of that. Even more so, since we experience that people generally just appreciate being able to see their own data and their family relations in our data, and also considering  the positive reactions, that we received over the past months in that respect.

And of course, we know that there exist not only etiquette rules for publishing or not publishing persons data, but also even official legislation (see also this article “Genealogie en Privacy” by Rob van Drie of the CBG). And we are the last ones to be insensitive for that, even more so considering the often sensitive nature of our website.
When we received after the start of the project in april 2016 a request from some families to filter certain persons away for privacy reasons, we immediately did so without any discussion. Till now that always used to be our rule of conduct.

After those experiences we wanted, however, to formulate our privacy policy somewhat more specific:
1.    All persons still alive are shown with their consent or when from public sources.
2.    Persons who passed away can always be shown according to the official legislation.
3.    For persons, of whom no date of death is known, we assume a virtual one for all persons who were born in or after 1920, since they most probably will have passed away meanwhile.
We continue, however, applying as our general rule of conduct, that once someone asks for whatever reason to filter certain persons, we will do so without any further discussion.

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