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The various involved parties
The project organisation with the roles of the various involved people is as follows:
Project organisation.eng.v7

IT and genealogical software
As regards the genealogical software the program HuMo-gen ( is used, that was developed by Huub Mons and Yossi Beck. Yossi Beck, who in particular is intensively involved in the IT set up and the use of the HuMo-gen program with sometimes tailored applications, gradually became also a member of the Core team. Besides his IT-input also Yossi’s Jewish background contributes to his input (see his website).

Redaction and Volunteers Data collection
For the data collection we aim to cooperate as much as possible with volunteers of the local Historical Associations in Drenthe, local Stepping Stone groups and other interested persons.
For the time being still mainly the core team functions as the Redaction, which determines in last resort - possibly in consultation to clarify unclarities in provided material - in what form it can be added to the database. Some of them will also get editors rights, enabling them to add material themselves or to make corrections.
Furthermore we encourage to provide material (persons data, pictures, stories, genealogies) to the redaction, that will take care for further elaboration and addition to the database and publication on the website.
The central contact address (see the contact form or directly in order to add possible annexes) for the project is: redactie(at)
That redaction consists for the time being still of: ...(the vacancy of Jan Ridderbos)..., Winnie van Hasselt and Henk van den Beukel.

Involvement as Volunteer

Financial support

We are still looking for possibilities of (modest) external financial support, in which we pursue to maintain a project set up that is as simple as possible and with the lowest possible costs.

Other involved parties
Other parties involved in the project are:
• The NGV supports the project via the NGV-Afd Drenthe en N.W. Overijssel
• The Drents Archief is willing to support the project with material
• We cooperate with the Digitaal Joods Monument via the links in the document with the total overview to all 1,444 Jewish inhabitants of Drenthe and their persons records and family composition at their latest known living addresses

• Contacts are maintained with the Herinneringscentrum Westerbork
• Cooperation contacts with the local Historische Verenigingen, local commemoration committees and locale Stepping Stone groups are pursued.

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