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The information that this website contained at the start of the project, whether it are persons information in the database, or in the form of stories, pictures, family trees, references to other sites, etc. under the More info button, is just the beginning.
That can be expanded with material, that already maybe elaborated by people or that still lies somewhere in boxes, albums or drawers or in stories that circulate within the famil, so that it will not disappear.

In addition to interested persons willing to provide material, we are also looking for volunteers, who are willing to cooperate more or less frequently with this project in the coming years.
That may be with genealogical research concerning a particular or some families, reserach in a certain town, elaborating stories, searching for documentation or cooperating in editing of provided material, or with IT knowledge in the maintenance of the project website or whatever else that might be.
We would for instance appreciate if in a number of local Historical Associations or Stepping Stone groups contact persons would be willing to cooperate in data collection or research.

Even though we start for the time being with the 3 initiators as redaction, we hope that in due time we can form a small redaction from a number of volunteers, who then for instance also with editing rights can assist in publication of material or making corrections.

When this interests you or if you would like to know more about this we ask you to contact us by means of the below button, so that we can further discuss that

Involvement as Volunteer

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